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Nick Kroll attends the "Don't Worry Darling" red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 05, 2022 in Venice, Italy.

Nick Kroll knows he’s not the star of Don’t Worry Darling. He made sure those who attended the Venice Film Festival premiere wouldn’t make the mistake of thinking he was, in a hilarious TikTok.

The comedian shared a behind-the-scenes video showcasing what it was like to arrive at the premiere as “just a supporting actor.” While in a car with fellow supporting actress, Sydney Chandler, Kroll hilariously recorded people lined up and peering into their window to get a glimpse of the film’s stars, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde and Chris Pine.

“Not who you want ladies, sorry,” Kroll says in a monotone voice with a chuckle. Chandler plays along and says, “Sorry! Not us! Nope, nope!” The Big Mouth star and co-creator continued to tell the fans on the outside, “Not Harry, not Olivia, not Florence. Bye!”

“You won’t know, but I promise you, in very certain circles, we’re sort of…” Kroll adds before trailing off as women peer into the car. “The faces of quiet disappointment,” Chandler says, as Kroll repeats, “Hi! You don’t know me. Hi, hi, nope, no, no.”

Fans adored the video, which has received over 3.5 million views on TikTok and over 1 million views on Twitter. One fan was amazed that Italy didn’t recognize the Kroll Show star writing, “Did they not know it was you? I mean it would be weird if you had a flag or something stating it was you I guess, but damn, I’d at the very least be like ‘Oh s—, hey Nick!!'” Another wrote, “None of these people are on the level I’d be losing my mind if Mr Kroll drove by me like this.”

If the fans didn’t know Kroll before the premiere, they certainly did after when Styles grabbed Kroll by the face and pulled him in for a kiss after the film’s screening. “Okay but you got to kiss Karry Styles and they didn’t so who’s the real winner here,” one fan wrote. While another said, “But he looked at you like this, Nick. And then he kissed you full on the mouth. You won.”

Don’t Worry Darling premieres in theaters on September 23.