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Gavin Rossdale: The next cooking show star? That is potentially the case according to the Bush frontman.

In a new interview, Rossdale said, “I’m in the middle of doing a deal to finalize that. That is this interview show where I cook for one person and just chat to them, have a dinner with them and we shoot it.”

He added, “I shot a couple of episodes as teasers with a couple of people. I mean, it’s been years in the making — it’s not easy, I guess, to make TV — so it’s been a couple of years in the making, and I hope to be there soon.”

Rossdale detailed about the series, “It’s just an interview show, and food is a great social lubricant. You sit there, eating and drinking and having a laugh and shooting the breeze, and great stuff comes up. So, it’s really about doing a show with famous people but yet getting different sides of them — not work stuff and not about a record they have or a book they’ve written. It’s more about them — finding out about people. ‘Cause I’m intrigued about creative people and how closely I resemble them or don’t resemble them, what their process is, how they began, what was inspiring to them, what hurt them or hindered them or who helped them — all those kind of things. Because the more you listen to people, the more interesting they become.”

The series, which is titled E.A.T. With Gavin Rossdale, was first reported in February by Deadline. At that time, guests that were named in taking part in episodes were Tom Jones and actor Jack McBrayer.

So far, there’s no word yet when and where the show will premiere. No additional guests have been announced for the series.


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