Dwayne Johnson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson show this week, and among other subjects, they talked about how he had aspirations of becoming a country singer when he was young and living in Nashville.

Kelly  asked him, “You had country music star-like ambitions, you wanted to be a country singer, and I had no idea.”

Dwayne  confirmed, saying, “I did! As wild as that sounds, and you’ll appreciate this obviously cause of your love for music and certainly country music too. I grew up loving blues, hip-hop, of course, but then country but traditional like that three chords and the truth, steel guitar kind of country.”

He even admitted that while living in the Music City, he would sing in some places you would not expect. He offered, “I was at a grocery store, and I was shopping, and when I say shopping, I was doing a little five-finger discount at that time because I couldn’t afford anything, and I was in the middle of the row in a shopping aisle, and I was belting out this song, not caring who was listening to me.”

Johnson continued, “Then, a woman comes around the corner, and she sticks her head around the corner, she looks, and I stopped singing, she looks at me, her eyes go wide, and she’s like ‘wow I did not expect to see someone who looks like you singing that song.’ And I said, ‘oh, thank you,’ then we had this chat, and she was like, ‘so clearly you should go down to Broadway ’cause that’s where all the country singers are.’ I didn’t tell her I was 15 and had no business being in a bar at that time, but then I went down there to Broadway, and I used to hang out down there and listen to all the acts, and I did have it in my mind that I was gonna become a country music singer.”

(Funny enough, in one of his early film roles — 2005’s Be Cool — he plays a bodyguard with dreams of being a country singer. In it, he actually covers Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man.”)

The two superstars sang a Loretta Lynn classic they turned into a duet, “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Loving On Your Mind).” Loretta, who passed away at age 80 on October 4th, released the song in 1967. The song was the first of 16 No. 1 country hits Lynn would have over the course of her career.

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