Dave and Chuck the Freak

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

You guys all remember the failed Fyre Festival from 2017, right? Billed as a “luxury music festival” for the elite members of society set to take place in the Bahamas. Only it was anything but luxury. I remember being on the air that weekend and hearing about all these rich people stranded on concrete island with nowhere to sleep and nothing but the infamous cheese sandwich to eat. (If you don’t remember the sandwich, just google Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich.)

Billy McFarland and Ja Rule were at the center of this disastrous event and our boy Billy ended up getting sentenced to 6 years in federal prison. He ended up only serving 4 but earlier this year it came out that apparently he was good friends with Anna Delvey, the female con artists who has also gone to prison. (The story of how they know each other is also kinda wild and you can learn more about it in the Netflix series, ‘Inventing Anna’.) Anyway, looks like Billy boy is back and wants to plan another sort of extravagant event only this time he says “everyone is invited.”

Here’s the thing, there is NO WAY IN HELL I’m attendingĀ ANY event that douche puts on. He posted a since deleted TikTok video that featured the phone number (973) 381-8443. To save you the trouble, you can listen to the audio here:

He also shared a YouTube video of the “first clue” which you can view below. So I guess after watching the mess that became of the Fyre Fest a mere 5 years ago, that begs the question, would you trust this guy to put on another event and it actually be successful? Personally, I wouldn’t trust him to put on the community Christmas pageant in my local town.