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There’s no way this ISN’T going to be the premise of a horror movie sometime soon.

Techies might recognize the name of Palmer Luckey. He founded the VR gaming company Oculus, and he claims to have developed hardware that could make someone’s gaming experience a true life-or-death ordeal.

Luckey explained that he has created a headset fitted with explosive charges, that detect and trigger the charges when a “Game Over” screen appears. He also went on to outline plans for a mechanism to prevent tampering and make it impossible for a user to take off the headset without detonating the explosives.

The idea of tying real life into virtual reality had always fascinated Luckey.  It would instantly raise the stakes to the maximum level and make people fundamentally rethink how they interact with the virtual world and the other people in it.

Right now however it should be considered just a piece of office art, “a thought-provoking reminder of unexplored avenues in game design.”


The 5 Most Kick Ass Old Dudes From The Movies

Old people. We love them. They are wise. They are hilarious. And when their not crashing their cars into buildings… sometimes they are kicking ass on the big screen. Here are 5 of my favorite kick ass old people from the movies.

  • Gandalf

    Yes, he looks like he used to be a roadie for Willie Nelson. Yes, he smokes some kind of weed-like substance from his pipe. And yes, of course he kicks some serious ass in Lord of The Rings. Not only does he use the might of his magic… but he’s not afraid to bestow a beating upon orcs with his staff. Gandalf ain’t nothin’ to f**k with!

  • Count Dooku

    Count Dooku is one evil son of a bitch. The once super cool Jedi, that turned to the Dark Side and became a truly nasty bastard. When he’s not tryin’ to make it to a 5:30 am breakfast to get his senior discount… he’s whoopin’ ass with lightsabers and his ability to manipulate the force. Once he’s had his Metamucil, steer clear of this old mean son of a bitch!

  • The Guy From The Taken Movies

    Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills. He’s pretty old. But he’s not afraid to kick some serious ass, even if his hips are made of metal. Watch him bring his elderly beating here. Doesn’t matter how much ointment it’s gonna take, there will be hell to pay if you f**k with him!

  • Campbell From Braveheart

    Campbell is the Dad of Hamish from Braveheart. This old man proves time and time again how tough he is. Whether he’s getting his hand chopped off or being shot with arrows, he never backs down from a fight. Hell, here he is with an arrow in him and he’s still got the energy to get every body fired up after an epic ass kicking, they didn’t even have advil back then.

  • Yoda

    Yoda is hundreds of years old, so he is by far the oldest of these ass-kicking old men. He tiny and walks with a cane. But don’t be fooled. He’s the most powerful Jedi there’s ever been. He gets around pretty good for his age and proved by his flips… he’s able to work through his joint pain to pick a fight with the evil Darth Sidious.