Dave and Chuck the Freak

Should we start a gofundme for his ultimate fan Dave to get it?

An urban explorer from Oklahoma that visits cool forgotten places recently posted a video about a $8.5 million mansion that used to be owned by Kenny Rogers.

The mansion has become nothing but an eyesore to the neighbors now that weeds have grown to be over 7 feet tall, the landscape has been neglected and the in ground pool is full of algae.

It was first built in 1990 with over 15,000 square feet featuring 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a 4 car garage and full basement with a bar, state of the art gym and more. It was once owned by the late Kenny Rogers who lived like a king in this mansion until 2006.  That’s when he sold it for $8.5 million dollars to a very wealthy family from Nigeria.

Around 2018 the feds were after the Nigerian family that bought it for owing $6.5 million in back taxes. Eventually the mansion was being rented out for events like weddings, and even music videos but the town ultimately became fed up with the mansion being used for business and hosting loud parties so they shut the operation down.

Since then the estate has sat vacant and abandoned. All we need to do is get enough money for Dave to own this baby!