Dave and Chuck the Freak

Here are two words you never imagined together: “pizza sushi.” As well as another combo no one ever asked for…SPAM and Figgy Pudding!

There is a pizzeria in Tuscany that is offering an unusual…or innovative combination of foods. Pizza Sushi! Now it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  It’s essentially replacing the sushi rice with dough and arranging pizza toppings in a way to simulate the look of sushi. Sometimes some raw sushi ingredients are used as well.

It looks kind of like little pieces of cheese bread decorated like a piece of sushi.



Figgy Pudding-Flavored SPAM Has Arrived for the Holidays


SPAM just released its own take on figgy pudding, which is a traditional holiday CAKE made with hardened fat.

The SPAM one is just figgy-pudding-flavored though, not the actual dessert.