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Kim Kardashian attends the CFDA Fashion Awards at Casa Cipriani on November 07, 2022 in New York City.

Kim Kardashian has been getting dunked on for her neutral home decor taste for quite a while now. Even her daughter North made fun of her last October. Now, the Skims founder is being called out once again, sharing a series of photos of her home Tuesday (November 29) on Instagram to her 334 million followers. What she described as her “happy” place left many feeling “depressed” with snaps including a plain teacup and saucer, a pale beige living room with one hanging piece of artwork in the same pale beige color, her SKKN line (which folks have already called “prisoncore”), grey stone seats and her bed on a marble platform.

Some fans called her living space “stunning” and “beautiful,” but the rest of the comments were filled with criticisms. One person wrote, “This is the most depressing house I have ever seen.” Another chimed in writing, “Completely lifeless, Clinical and depressing.” While another said, “Nice. Looks like an asylum. Fitting.” One person said, “Nice try! As if anyone cares about your obituary lookalike bedroom.” Another commented, “Your house looks like your soul empty.” Another said, “It is said your home reflects your personality, cold, empty , austere and hard .” One person said her living room “genuinely looks like it’s from a horror film.” One person said, “Now i see what north talking about” with a laughing emoji.

Other skeptics suggested she had ulterior motives with the post and was using it as an attempt to distract from the current Balenciaga controversy. (She’s an ambassador for the brand). “Where are the scattered documents on the table? You know what I’m talking about…” wrote one person, referring to one of the campaigns displaying documents from a United States Supreme Court case relating to child pornography laws. “Where are you hiding the stuffed animals in BDSM?” wrote another person. “Things that makes you happy and distracted from what is going on” wrote another person with a laughing emoji. Other users asked Kim, “Why did you put your daughter in a Gimp mask for Bellanciaga???” back in October for Paris Fashion Week.