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This is the moment a pickup truck went flying toward Stephen Levey as he sat on his motorcycle at a red light.

Levey captured the moment an allegedly stolen car crashed into a truck, which then flipped and barreled into him. (Video cuts at moment of impact)

I LIVED BUT THIS MAY TRIGGER SENSITIVE PEOPLE … While I am very not OK, I am alive … there is now a go fund me https://gofund.me/1e1d00aa to try to help me here if you are interested/willing anything anyone can do including just sharing the link is hugely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance, … if you saw the news, and thought that motorcycle looks familiar … Yeah, it was me. it’s gonna be a long road back

Posted by Stephen Levey on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Levey posted that he was airlifted to the hospital and the outcome looked bad, but he survived. He ended up with a shattered right arm, 9 broken ribs, an extremely damaged right foot, a collapsed, lung and other issues.