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Dolly Parton has officially joined TikTok and announced the news over the weekend (12/4) on her Insta stories with a video saying, “Hey, ya’ll, it’s Dolly Parton, and I’ve officially joined TikTok. So hit that follow button and stay tuned for more.”

Dolly has already posted six videos, with the first one showing moments in her long career set to the music of her 1980 hit “9 to 5.”

Other videos already posted include her introducing herself multiple times, her coming out of a tour bus a bit late from one of her 1990’s TV movies, saying, “Well, I’m ready, well I think I am; how do I look? Well, let’s go give ’em what they paid for.”

In another video posted, she shared her many social media profile images and then a clip of her on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon with the word TikTok and her turning around and saying, “I’m working, I’m twerking.”


I wasn’t kidding when I said, “get you a woman who can do it all” 😉 #heyitsdolly #dollytok

♬ original sound - Dolly Parton

Fans are over the moon about her on the social media platform, and many commented on her various videos. Comments include TikTok itself, which wrote, “Welcome, Queen.” One fan commented, “Not everyone is a country music fan, but everyone is a Dolly Parton fan.” One more fan wrote, “Oh my day is MADE! Welcome, Queen Dolly!”


Looks like I missed a lot! You all are so creative. Now that I’m here, tag me! ❤️ #heyitsdolly #dollytok

♬ 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton


In September of 2021, a fan created a fake Dolly Parton TikTok account that news outlets all thought was real. The TikTok handle “it’s Dolly Parton” was quickly taken down.

The video of her welcoming fans to the platform was doctored from a video she posted on her other socials during the pandemic promoting her literacy program and asking fans to join her as she read a story. The video on Tik Tok that we reported on originally got over five million views, and the fake account had around 100,000 subscribers in just under a day.

Parton’s new real account already has almost half a million followers in just one day.