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Christmas will be here soon, and chances are, you’re hearing a lot of holiday music. If you’re a rocker, maybe you’re not super enthusiastic about hearing said Christmas music. But, at least you can always count on a slew of metal and rock-friendly holiday tunes to drop that will make the whole family happy- or at least you.

Psychostick has released a unique cover of Rob Zombie’s 1998 Hellbilly Deluxe track “Dragula” as a Christmas tune. The song comes coupled with a video by Patrick R. Murphy.

“Psychostick here with a heavy Christmas parody of the 1998 Rob Zombie hit ‘Dragula,'” the band said in a statement. “Santa Claus looks almost as creepy as Goldberg in Santa’s Slay – an unforgettable piece of holiday entertainment I recommend to everyone.”

Now that we think about it, Santa is a little creepy. I mean, he goes down the chimneys of strangers’ homes and leaves a bunch of random gifts. Not that I’m complaining. Listen to the holiday tune below.


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