In honor of it being the Holiday season and us being in possession of a
bunch of gross flavors of Candy Canes we’re busting out the candy roulette
wheel for a little game Candy Cane Roulette.

Last video we put the brave members of the show through some torturous
taste tasting with some pretty horrendous flavors of Candy Corn.
This time we’re back at it with 6 nasty flavors of candy canes and one good
one! The wheel has been stocked with DISGUSTING flavors like
Hot Dog, Pickle, Ketchup, Sardine, Caesar Salad, Mac N Cheese and one
good flavor…Cherry

Chuck, James, Al, and Jason will each get the wheel spun for them and will have to taste whichever candy cane it lands on while Dave and Lisa watch. Once one of the flavors tasted/revealed we take it off the wheel. Lisa Way will reveal the answers after the candy cane is tasted.

Would you try these Candy Cane Flavors?

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