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SAVANNAH, GA - FEBRUARY 4: Tamara Nicolle holds a black and white ultrasound image of her baby in her kitchen February 4, 2003 in Savannah, Georgia. Nicolle has been married to United States Army LTC Noel Nicolle for less than a two years and the couple are expecting their first child this summer. Noel Nicolle is currently deployed in Kuwait and may miss the birth of the child because of the impending war against Iraq. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

Some TikToker posted a video where she asks her guy to take his temperature, and shoves a positive PREGNANCY TEST in his mouth . . . one she supposedly just peed on.



10 of the Best TikTok "Life Hacks" of 2022

There’s a list of the best TikTok life hacks of 2022 . . . and if you’ve spent any time watching “life hack” videos, you know that they’re about 15% useful . . . 15% NOT useful . . . and 70% stupid. Here are a few . .