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Dolly Parton will be the subject of two exclusive Funko Pop! figures that will be released in April.

The Dolly Parton Funko Pop! Rocks are available for pre-order now. The two designs are: Pop! Rocks: Dolly Parton Glastonbury 2014, a 4.37-inch vinyl figure of Parton clad in a white, sparkling pants suit with a silver glitter electric guitar for $15; and Pop! Rocks: Dolly Parton, a 4.50-inch vinyl figure of Parton in an orange pants suit strumming a banjo for $12.

Pop! Rocks: Dolly Parton Glastonbury 2014 is exclusive to Funko, while Pop! Rocks: Dolly Parton is available to pre-order on both Funko.com and Walmart.com.

Dolly herself reposted an Instagram post from Funko on her Insta stories. Funko wrote, “Striking a heartfelt chord with her fans worldwide, Dolly Parton inspires happiness and goodwill towards all. Keep her songs and words close with POP! Rocks Dolly Parton. Including a Funko.com exclusive! Click the link in our bio! #Funko #FunkoPOP @dollyparton.”

The post from Funko was liked half a million times with many comments from fans, including one who wrote, “I’ve never needed something more in my entire existence than this.” Another fan commented, “I’ve been waiting for a @dollyparton funko.”


To pre-order the figures, visit Funko for Pop! Dolly Parton in White Pantsuit and at Walmart.

Last week (1/4), Dionne Warwick announced on The Tameron Hall Show that she and Parton are doing a duet together. Warwick said, “Well, she sent me a song that she wanted me to record, and I said, ‘Okay, sounds like a deal.’ She’s such a sweetheart; I know her, and she sent me another song, the one we’re gonna be doing as a duet.” She added, “It’s a gospel song called ‘Peace Like a River.’ She wrote it. And I am very excited about this. I really am. I’ve done so many duets over the years. But this one’s gonna be very special, it is.”