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A 62-year-old guy in L.A. crashed a dump truck into his own house on Sunday, because his wife is leaving him and was getting a restraining order.

The wife believes he was trying to kill her. She said the portion of the home he was ramming with the vehicles was her bedroom. The man drove by the house multiple times. He crashed a Chevy Impala into the home before returning in a dump truck and did more damage, then came back in the Impala again. A neighbor recorded video of the incident.

Here is a clip below.

You can see the uncensored version below. WARNING NSFW Language.


watch out for ron. my neighbor goes crazy, took almost 30 mins for the coos to come when we live less than a mile away. this is right after he came and tore up the front yard with his impala. all cause his ex wife wouldnt take him back. only one cop car came after our first call under the assumption he was drunk driving, and that was the only car that came eveb after multiple calls from other neighbors. someone could have been seriously hurt and the lack of urgency from the ppl who are supposed to make us feel safe is terrible. raise awareness for emergencies in all neighborhoods. #rongonwild #fyp #emergency #dobetter

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