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A couple in Houston made themselves frontrunners in the 2023 Darwin Awards.

There’s video of the couple testing out dog crates…by getting into them. As an added bonus, these dog crates were each self-locking. So, when each of them got into one and shut their respective doors, they both found themselves locked in.


California couple accidentally locks themselves in dog crates 🐶 #houstontx #news #california #dogcrate

♬ original sound - ABC13 Houston

You can see the original TikTok video posts below.

Here is the moment they messed up.


"Alexa call the neighbors" 📞 🏠🏠 use code KANE for $$ off your next embarrassing phone call #dogsofttiktok #malinois #canecorso #impactdogcrates #dogcrate

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This is how the escaped!


Replying to @ashleybreayoung putting our last name to work. He zoomed right out and unlocked us from the crates #impactdogcrates #dogcrate #multidoghousehold #doghumor

♬ original sound - Stephanie