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A man in Ohio was arrested and charged with theft after he allegedly tried to steal about $500 in merchandise from a grocery store.

Management at the Giant Eagle Grocery store alerted security about a man leaving the store with a cart full of unpaid merchandise.  The store security officer, who was an off duty officer, saw him push the cart to a getaway car.  The driver of the getaway car drove to a car wash and got stuck between vehicles.

The suspect was busted by cops.

02/18/2023 4:27pm The manager at Giant Eagle, 4401 Mayfield Rd, observed a man push a shopping cart full of $498.41 in...

Posted by South Euclid Police Department on Friday, February 24, 2023


Andy's Top 5 Star Wars Songs

Well, today is composer John Williams’ birthday so here is a list of my favorite Star Wars songs.

  • Duel of The Fates

    It doesn’t get much better than this one in terms of Star Wars tunes. I listen to this one right before I go for a jog. Sure my jog doesn’t necessarily warrant such an epic sound… but even the slightest amount of jogging is so difficult for me, this is appropriate

  • The Imperial March

    The theme song for the bad guys. Had to add this to the list. This is also the song that’s in my head when I’m in line to get fast food.

  • Yoda's Theme

    This one is great, and it’s the song that’s in my head after a day where my diet actually goes well.

  • Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    This one is great… and this appropriately captures the emotion of a day where I know I have to clean my bathroom.

  • The Emperor

    This is the Emperor’s theme. So evil it’s the song that’s in my head when I clean my cat’s litter box.