Good news for people who like to send a message using their middle finger!

A judge in Canada just made a landmark ruling on a harassment case, where a neighbor gave another neighbor THE FINGER. The judge ruled in favor of the person that shot the bird and said that it is not a crime to give some the finger.  He also added that giving someone the middle finger is a “God-given” right . . . and threw out the case.

He added that it isn’t a polite or gentlemanly gesture, but it is definitely NOT a criminal issue. The judge also felt that the complainant was attempting to weaponize the legal system to get revenge.

The whole case stemmed from an altercation between two neighbors that have a history of altercations.  This one is particular involved one of the neighbors holding some power tools in a way the other felt was menacing.  So instead of driving the conflict further the other neighbor shot the power tool wielding neighbor the double middle finger.


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