RIMINI, ITALY - OCTOBER 18: Mud is washed away from a loggerhead turtle after it was caught by the trawling net aboard the fishing vessel, Levriero II, on October 18, 2021 in Rimini, Italy. According to a recent study released by IUCN in July 2021, it is estimated that the amount of waste in the Mediterranean Sea is 1.178 million tons. Italian captain Tomas Parenti designed and tested a more efficient and qualitative fishing net that also collects waste thus contributing to clean the sea in a bid to save marine resources and improve fishing sustainability. (Photo by Elisabetta Zavoli/Getty Images)

we get it, we all love animals here at the show and nobody wants to see an animal get run over on the highway. However, you just can’t put other people in danger when you want to help the chicken cross the road, Or, turtles, in this case.

That’s what happened on US-331 in Florida this past Tuesday (MAY 16) when a driver spotted a group of turtles crossing the road. Presumably, the driver was worried for the turtles’ safety, so they stopped in the middle of the highway to help them cross the road.

A traffic backup happened as a result and even caused a crash, as seen on the dashcam footage captured by a semi-truck, a car swerves to avoid hitting the other stopped vehicles, causing a multi-car accident. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office reminds motorists that “trying to avoid or assist an animal who has made its way onto a busy road can cause you or other drivers life-threatening injuries”.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured in the incident, though the accident could have easily been avoided.

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