Summer is the prime season for camping, as it’s when many people hit the outdoors. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re not the camper who ends up on everyone else’s bad side. Camping has its own set of unwritten rules that we should all keep in mind, whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned pro. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, our actions can end up annoying our camping neighbors or causing harm to nature.

Reader’s Digest, a general interest family magazine, put together a list of camping blunders to avoid. They chatted with camping enthusiasts and outdoor experts to gather some handy tips on what not to do and better alternatives to try instead.

When it comes to camping, there are some serious no-no’s that can make you the most unpopular person at the campground. These faux pas are not only considered rude but also show a lack of consideration for your fellow campers and the great outdoors. The magazine pointed out one major offense which is arriving at the campsite unreasonably early, disrupting others who are still trying to set up their temporary homes. It’s like barging into a party before the host has even finished decorating.

Another camping sin is letting your dogs run wild without any control or cleaning up after them. Remember, not everyone is a dog lover, and nobody wants to step into surprises left behind by your furry companions. Interestingly, the magazine highlighted a not-so-eco-friendly thing to avoid. Bringing your own firewood might seem like a smart move, but it can actually cause more harm than good. Invasive species and pests can hitch a ride, wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem. Your best bet is to save the trouble and rely on the firewood provided or support local vendors.

A couple more habits to avoid top their list like leaving your campfire burning overnight. It poses a serious fire hazard and can ruin the peaceful ambiance for others with smoke and flying embers. And one most of us can agree on is blasting loud music. People come to camp to immerse themselves in nature, not a booming concert.

Want to know what else made the cut? Take a look at the complete list of rude things to avoid on your next camping trip here.

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