Apparently, slinging around ten pounds of dong isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…Even though we NEVER hear Dave complain about it.

The people over at the Daily Star put together a group of the biggest “D’s” from around the world and talked about whether or not their members were blessings…or curses.

Jonah Falcon (13.5 inches) who we have talked to on the show in past says, “Some lovers aren’t able to accommodate me…despite using a lot of lubricants.” Airport security has also questioned him about the “package in his pants,” on occasion.

Check him out below.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera (18.9 inches) complains that work uniforms don’t fit the way they do with regular guys, and he also can’t get down on his knees or run very fast. Also, he can’t have penetrative sex because “it’s too thick.” You can kind of see what he is working with in the image below.


Marc Rocke (14-inches long/12-inches girth) says that his “weighs five pounds and can be uncomfortable,” and he can’t run because of it. In fairness, he had two surgeries to get it that way, so this is a self-induced problem…but everyone on the show questions how legit this guy is.  All the videos we can find without joining his OF account looks like he stages content with a big rubber donger. Check him out below and decided for yourself.


Keiran Lee (he is insured for $1 million) says that he’s a “grower, not a shower,” so most women don’t believe he does porn at first sight. That said, he claims to have “injured” co-stars during shoots. If you’ve watched free porn clips on your fav porn site of choice you’ve likely seen him before.

You can check out his twitter below even though he hasn’t tweeted in over 10 years…must too busy being sad about his huge hog… or banging hot porno chicks.

Keiran Lee on Twitter

You can read more about these well endowed men and the trials and tribulations they deal with at the full article from the Daily Star.



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