Producer Russell Simmons visits the Build Series to discuss the movie "Romeo Is Bleeding" at Build Studio on July 17, 2017 in New York City.

Russell Simmons’s daughter and ex-wife had an emotional Father’s Day exchange with media mogul on social media. The Def Jam co-founder was blasted online by his family. His ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, and their daughter, Aoki Lee, 20, took to Instagram today (June 19). They did so to discuss Simmons’ alleged abusive behavior. Daughter Ming Lee, 23, wished Kimora, 48, a “Happy Father’s Day” instead of her father. Russell then took to his Instagram Stories to share a message that alleged Kimora was at fault. He said that she makes it hard for him to be a father to his daughters.

Taking to Instagram Live today in a five-minute-long video, Kimora broke down in tears. She explained how Russell has allegedly been verbally abusing her and their daughters. She adds he has been lying about their family’s relationship status. Kimora claimed that Russell’s gaslighting has been overlooked by outsiders because of his “powerhouse” media mogul status. The model and Russell got married in 1998 and split up in 2006. She filed for divorce two years later, in 2008.

Kimora Lee’s video

She says pleads in her video, “Please don’t attack my children, they’ve been through so much. Don’t attack my family — which is supposed to be your family too. Don’t do that because you’re at rock bottom, I don’t know, you’re grasping at straws. This is a money grab? I don’t really know what this is.” The Baby Phat founder alleged Russell would send himself flowers and post them on social media, claiming they were from her.

Aoki also posted an emotional message on Instagram to explain how despite defending her father in the past, “this man is awful to me. He has done awful things to me, and I’m so tired of it.” In her caption, she says her father is “not well, for years, he needs help and won’t accept that he refuses to acknowledge he is not himself.” She alleges he has “threatened and bullied my sister, my grandma.” Aoki recalls that their father would send a man to her sister’s apartment at 2 a.m. to “scare her,” adding that he would lash out at “ANYONE” who does not say, “Oh. Russell, everything is fine.”

His daughter added that his behavior is not something a “normal human would do,” with his shrieking and yelling sounding like “he is possessed.” Though she thinks there is something going wrong mentally with her father, she adds, “You cannot just abuse your kids behind closed doors and not take accountability. You don’t get to do this.” She shared several screenshots on her Instagram Stories of text message exchanges with her father where he calls Kimora a “piece of s—” as well as a silenced video of him yelling at her via FaceTime.

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