Welcome to the wacky world of restaurant servers, where every shift brings a blend of surprises and oddities. Behind the scenes of restaurants, servers face various downright bizarre situations that can leave you both amused and puzzled. From customers ordering peculiar combinations that defy culinary logic, to requests that make you double-take, a server’s life is never dull.

Reddit, the internet’s never-ending source of entertainment, played host to a popular thread. It had servers revealing the absolute weirdest requests they’ve ever encountered from customers. The stories were nothing short of extraordinary, as these hospitality heroes shared the most mind-boggling and outlandish demands that they’d heard.

One Reddit user unveiled a jaw-dropping encounter involving an unforgettable couple. As the plates were ready to be cleared, the couple insisted on performing an act that defied all norms of table etiquette. Apparently, he started licking his empty plates clean. According to the Reddit user, the man proceeded to indulge in an impromptu plate-licking session, leaving the server speechless.

Accidents happen and do so do weird restaurant requests.

Meanwhile, another person shared on the thread a story about a customer who found themselves in a messy situation. The poor guy had an unfortunate accident and ended up soiling himself. Instead of rushing to the restroom, he asked his server for a tablecloth to wrap around his waist as a makeshift solution. According to the server, this customer still shows up at the restaurant regularly as if nothing ever happened.

Another bizarre request from a server shared on the thread was how a customer wanted to customize her wings. A woman wanted bone-in wings but asked if the chef could remove all the bones for her.

If you thought that was the peak of oddness, the stories from servers go on and on. From servers finding themselves unwittingly involved in gender reveals, to customers requesting a BLT without the B and T.

Take a look at what other weird things people have requested at restaurants by seeing the complete thread here.

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