NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07: Kanye West attends the runway for Ralph Lauren fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Bethesda Terrace on September 7, 2018 in New York City.

While Kanye has dabbled in almost every aspect of entertainment, his dream of creating content for television never came to fruition. According to reports from Far Out Magazine, Kanye pitched a scripted television show back in 2007 that never aired. The television show was rumored to be titled A Little Inappropriate, which is fitting for the controversial artist. The canceled pilot leaked online recently. It appears to be influenced by Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, which Ye is known to be a fan of.

Curb director Larry Charles teamed up with the rapper after hearing the show was an inspiration. The pilot finds Ye visiting a sick fan from the Make-A-Wish foundation only to find out that the fan was faking his illness.

Don C, GLC, Curb stars Jeff Garlin and JB Smoove, and Wyatt Cenac joined Ye in the pilot. “Kanye knew he wasn’t a good improviser,” Cenac told Vulture back in 2013. “He’d read something that Seinfeld said about surrounding himself with better talent and that he would rise to the occasion. And so that was his hope.”

However, Cenac still tried to help the rapper with his improv skills: “It was me, Kanye, and [his road manager] Don all doing improv together with no audience, no feedback, and they never wanted to get off the couch. So imagine Whose Line Is It Anyway? but, like, in a car.”

According to reports, per HotNewHipHop, the Yeezy founder had already filmed interviews for the first season. These interviews included Nelson George, Professor Boyce Watkins, and Cornel West. Still, HBO decided to pass. “HBO was like, ‘We didn’t pay for a show with these no-name motherf–ers. Find a way to put some Kanye in this,'” Cenac claimed.

However, Kanye did supposedly tried to get a big Hollywood name for the pilot, but it never panned out. “Kanye had been trying to get Tom Cruise to be in the pilot,” Cenac said. “And he had asked him because they were friendly. And we’re shooting a scene [in the Escalade], and at one point Kanye’s like, ‘Shut the f— up, it’s Tom Cruise’ and because he couldn’t get out of the car, he had to take the phone call smashed between people … and you can hear Tom Cruise laughing [does a Tom Cruise laugh] as Kanye goes, ‘Yeah, man, I’ve been working on the improv stuff, you know, all your suggestions were great.’ [Does another Tom Cruise laugh.] That went on for like fifteen minutes. Tom Cruise never did the show, and we had to hire a Tom Cruise look-alike that was like five feet taller than Cruise.”

You can take a look at the pilot episode here.

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