Going to bed at night without air conditioning during scorching summer nights can lead to health risks, impaired productivity and emotional strain. And, of course, it is also uncomfortable. The absence of cool air can affect every aspect of life. Whether due to a broken unit or financial constraints preventing its use, there are some ways to stay cool.

When summer hits with its blazing heat, we all scramble to find ways to keep cool if you don’t have air conditioning. This is especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. There are tried-and-true methods like fans and staying hydrated. But thinking outside the box and embracing unconventional approaches can add a refreshing twist to beat the summer heat.

Daily Mail put together a collection of unusual tips and tricks for those who need to stay cool during the upcoming months without relying on air conditioning.

Hacks for Sleeping in Summer Heat

One of the hacks they suggested is freezing your pajamas. The idea is to seal them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer. This method can be applied to your pillowcase as well, providing an icy touch to enhance your sleep experience. Keep in mind that this can get quite messy once your pajamas or pillowcase melts.

Despite sounding counterintuitive, the use of a hot water bottle made it onto their list. The concept behind it is to elevate your core temperature before bedtime. Simply fill the bottle with warm water and place it on your feet. Once you remove it, your body will be tricked into perceiving a cooler environment, hopefully aiding you in falling asleep.

While many assume that sleeping naked is a solution for battling summer heat, that’s not necessarily true. Sleeping naked may not be the best choice because if you start sweating, it’ll just stick to your skin instead of being absorbed by your clothes. According to the site, go for something loose-fitting and light. This way, you’ll have better airflow. And any perspiration can be whisked away, leaving you feeling cool and comfy throughout the hot summer nights.

The site had more quirky ideas. They recommend ditching the shared covers with your partner for some extra personal space and coolness. Plus, they suggest leaving your hair a bit damp to help you beat the heat. If you’re curious about these and more offbeat tips, check out the complete list here.

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