This is the summer that women revolt against shaving their bikini line!

According to a report, the new trend this summer for women is to NOT shave their bikini line. Women have been unofficially expected to keep their pubes in line but NO MORE! Women had enough are letting those long and curlies fly.

Social media influencers are working to eliminate the female pubic hair taboo and normalizing having a natural bush. So ladies this summer if you’re sick and tired of shaving the beaver let it fly.  Give it a whirl and help normalize the idea that women have pubes too.

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or has to say.  It’s your body and if you aren’t comfortable shaving downtown, then don’t.  Do what the pubic hair influencers are doing and make yourself happy and comfortable.

Gentlemen in the presence of these ladies keep your opinions to yourself and don’t pubic shame anyone.


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