Cindy Crawford is an icon. Some may say Pepsi is also an icon. We all remember back in 1992 when the two of them teamed up for THIS ad. I feel like it’s safe to say at this point, it’s legendary.

Well, if we know anything about the trends in 2023, it’s that old is new again! Bell bottoms are apparently coming back along with low-rise pants (no thank you) so when there’s an opportunity to recreate an iconic moment of our youth, you have to take it! That’s exactly what happened in the latest music video for Saucy Santana’s remix of That Chick Angel’s “One Margarita (Margarita Song)” and we’re here for it!

The video starts off the same as that Pepsi add back in 1992. Only this time it shows Cindy exiting the car and walking straight towards the bar instead of a Pepsi vending machine. She then promptly throw the lime off the rim of the cup (because who needs the lime) and begins to chug the classic margarita. The bartenders and patrons look at her stunned by her beauty and utter coolness as she finishes the drink.

Cindy is then bumped out of the way by Angel as the song starts and she orders herself a ‘rita. All in all, it’s pretty well done and the song is a summer banger. The lyrics are very NSFW though, just so you know! Check it out below!


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