Talk about your nightmare fuel!

According to this post, a Brazilian family believes that 37-year-old, Rosangela Almeida was accidentally buried alive after suffering from septic shock and two heart attacks. Not only do they believe she was buried prematurely, they believe she may have been alive for up to eleven days after her burial. So why do they think this?

Visitors to the cemetery where Almeida was buried reported hearing “banging and groaning.” When the family heard this, they rushed to the burial site and had the body exhumed. Once the casket was opened, the family claims there was evidence of injury to her wrists and forehead. There was also blood inside the coffin, and the nails on the lid of the coffin appear to have come loose.

The family maintains those injuries were not present when their loved one was buried. Witnesses present at the exhumation claim the body was not cold – indicating that, though she was now dead, she hadn’t been dead for long.

At this point, the law got involved – and their investigation refutes the family’s claims, saying the rumors of “groans” were just that – rumors. The Brazilian authorities maintain that Almeida was indeed deceased when she was put underground.

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