In some ways, being scammed by a Nigerian prince would have been preferable.

According to this report, a woman named McKala from Kentucky met who she thought was “Stranger Things” star Dacre Montgomery.

She said the two hit it off, “but of course I’m suspicious from the get-go until he starts doing things that make me believe that he is who he is.” She said “Montgomery” told her his girlfriend was the controlling sort and they were breaking up – something McKala empathized with, as her husband had behaved similarly.

“Mongomery” went on to tell her that his girlfriend was so controlling she had hold on his finances – leading McKayla to send him $10K over the course of a year. Not only did she send the scammer money – she left her husband during this online relationship.

Now a single mom, McKala grew suspicious and contacted YouTube series “Catfished.” The channel started looking into McKala’s “relationship” with “Montgomery,” and helped her come to the conclusion that she was being “catfished.”

An expensive lesson, but one McKala hopes others will learn from.



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