Most people get pretty upset when they see an airplane passenger not wearing socks and shoes, so why in the world would they let this guy get completely nude?

According to this report, there is a guy named Brent Ray Fraser, who is known for making unique pieces of art.  Fraser paints using his genitalia and has appeared on Spain’s Got Talent as well as other TV programs.

When he’s not performing on television, he creates content for his OnlyFans account and followers. In addition to his OnlyFans, he is also working on a book of nudes. While boarding a recent flight, he asked the cabin crew if he could pose nude in the galley of the aircraft.

Two of the flight attendants actually obliged. They closed the galley curtains, while he stripped naked. One flight attendant posed in the shot with him while keeping her back and side to the camera while another flight attendant took the photos. (You can see below)


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