A 68-year-old grandmother of five is having a pretty wild summer and she doesn’t seem to mind it.

According to this report, there’s a woman in Massachusetts actually named Barbie Oppenheimer.  She’s totally enjoying her “summer of fame,” and loved BOTH the “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” films.

She says most people don’t believe that’s her name at first.  Typically she goes by Barbara, but when she was younger she went by Barbie, then Barby and switched to Barbara for professional reasons.

She is also married to a distant relative of J. Robert Oppenheimer, that’s how she fell into the BarbenHeimer whirlwind summer of fun! You can see and read more about her at the link below.

She did a full interview with the people over at Slate about how her name brought her a wild couple of months and YES! she has a Barbenheimer shirt. You can read that here.



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