PRODUCTION - 15 June 2022, Saxony, Dresden: ILLUSTRATION: A woman holds her smartphone in her hands on the toilet. More and more Germans are taking their smartphones with them to the toilet. (Posed scene) Photo: Robert Michael/dpa (Photo by Robert Michael/picture alliance via Getty Images)

An unnamed 22-year-old woman posted on Reddit that she suffers from something she refers to as ‘Endless Wipe Syndrome’. She has an incredible amount of anxiety when it comes to pooping and feels like she is never completely clean. She goes on to say that she carries around wet wipes and a travel bidet but she still cleans herself multiple times with all of those items. She said that going to the bathroom has made her life miserable and went to the forum seeking help we assume. Do you suffer from ‘Endless Wipe Syndrome’? Do you know someone who does? If so, maybe go share your trials with this unnamed butt wiper and offer suggestions. I think everyone can agree with wanting to feel clean after a poop but an hour of wiping seems exhausting!


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