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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things that we are running out of patience for, a listener needs advice on asking the FedEx guy out, Jerry Springer passed away at 79 years old, a courtroom zoom hearing interrupted by a guy giving the GOATSE, a woman running prostitution services out of her hair salon, a chick that attacked TSA agents when they took her apple juice, Wizards of the Coast sent agents to a YouTubers house to retrieve Magic cards, conjoined twins reveal how they deal with dating, a rollercoaster that could help you pass a kidney stone, Las Vegas is a getting an adult playground, fancy dinners in space are on the way for $125K per person, a woman mysteriously getting beverages Door Dashed to her home, there could be a peach shortage on the way, aguy shot by his elderly neighbor after using a leaf blower at 7:35pm, and more!
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