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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the top classic Christmas foods, crypto losses may have led to Stephen “tWitch” Boss suicide, Britney Spears husband not happy about her posting racy pics, a woman that survived getting impaled by a guardrail in car crash, the worst way to die according to science, cops broke down a door to save an artsy mannequin, parents hired a pro gamer to beat their kid in video games so they didn’t pursue a career, what made you cancel a Tinder date at the last minute, the owner of an Italian soccer team promised them a slut bus if they win, ask D&CtF: a married woman wants her husband to wear feminine clothing, a guy worried about taking a chicks V-card, how to handle a late night piano playing neighbor, USA may ban TikTok (again), more porn stats for 2022, and more! CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK Or email the show: [email protected]

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