Friday, January 19th 2024 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about annoying shows for kids, spelling and grammar mistakes, affairs at the gym, car wash employee trapped in equipment, flight attendant taping people in the bathroom, remembering Sears, the disqualified Chinese marathon runner, the new caffeine trend doctors are warning us about, Canada warns military about escorts, what shocking thing did you see on your house cam?, India man trapped inside plane bathroom, fired for asking co-worker’s wife for nudes, woman sent the wrong ashes, poop coming out of an apartment sink, the man in India caught impersonating his girlfriend for exam, digital detox, Arby’s Keys To The Cheese, EV cars in cold weather, why gamers shouldn’t wear headphones, preferred pizza styles, bacteria in our favorite cups, sporting events in the cold, and more!

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