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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about cops who took on a guy with Roid Rage, which places should be open 24/7, boss tried to confiscate phones, things you wish people would stop telling you is so great, wrong man picked up and taken to funeral home, Spider Woman tries to escape cops through window, man arrested with drugs after robbing GF at murder motel, sinkhole swallows part of a soccer field, McDonald’s plant-based menu was a failure, 5-Hour Energy’s BBQ sauce, 4th of July travel expectations, woman keeps getting mystery packages delivered to her, Bronny James drafted to Lakers, NBA Draft, Batboy caught ball headed for Shohei Ohtani, Hunter Green threw up on the mound, AI video of Justin Timberlake chugging a beer, Hawk Tuah Girl, Paul Walker Hauser doesn’t like Vin Diesel, Netflix canceled show after filming it, original water color cover art for Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone sells at auction, Shifty Shellshock official cause of death was accidental drug overdose, Taylor Swift critic, cartoon featuring Ozzy and Lemmy as superheroes, old guy shot at Walmart Delivery Drones, world’s oldest trucker, man repeatedly burglarizes home, maneuver truck spill, Chipotle delivery had heartfelt note, convenience store says Closed For Sex, loan shark took nude pics as collateral, man caught carving his name in wall in Pompeii, Ask Dave & Chuck, should physical therapist drop creepy client?, GF keeps testing his loyalty, checking in on a guys’ trip, GF’s ultimatum her or the dog, how much money talk is too much?, animal crackers stollen from guy’s garage, bear got into family’s van, space junk hit house leading to NASA lawsuit, fake airbags, turned on by house work, pilot saves baby moose, former Jet Blue flight attendant called in phony bomb threat, and more!

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