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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how dirty airplane water is, a violinist who performed on a plane mid-flight, weird laws that are still on the books, grocery store shopping carts that keep disappearing, itchy b-holes caused by cashews, Aaron Carter’s mom released photos of the bathroom where he died, a person promoting the new Scream movie caused panic, the real cocaine bear, how watching TV helped people save a life, a mystery man who was caught pooping on a driveway, a couple who woke up and found a random cat in their hotel room, a man who survived alone in the Amazon for a month, when you had to tell a loved one that their partner was cheating on them, a journalist who was fired after what she tweeted to the mayor, a pair of sisters who saves some kids from drowning, the chicken Big Mac, the healthiest burgers as chain restaurants, a fisherman who found himself surrounded by a shark feeding frenzy, a guy who got fined after his kids played for too long in the McDonald’s play place, a dude in Australia who found a spider shedding in his car, and more!

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