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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Easter Dinner, Amber buys a new outfit and has to haggle, Jazzy Van Halen, April Fools’ Day prank polls, Gmail launched 20 years ago on April 1st, Doctor’s horrible toupee, man attacked neighbor with knife and chainsaw while wearing Scream mask, SUV flips after being T-boned, travel agent booked a cruise for people who couldn’t get on boat but the agent did, woman carjacked at gun point located by AirTag in bible, dog from San Diego turns up in Metro Detroit, Eclipse one week away and NASA is hosting a streaming event, Niagara declares state of emergency for eclipse, 105-year-old eclipse chaser, Waffle House strike, top jobs people are Googling right now, March Madness Final Four, police looking for Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Rashee Rice after accident, Cam Sutton turns himself in, Tyson-Paul fight circumstances, The Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers, Louis Gossett Jr passes away, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock spotted leaving plastic surgeon’s office, Will Smith says money doesn’t make him happy anymore, the best nude scene in Hollywood, box office numbers, lyrics have become simpler, worst songs of the 1990s, runaway sawblade nearly cuts man in half, 9-year-old leads police on chase so he could get to school, dogs damage car after chasing cat, one conjoined twin gets married, Busch Light trying to help people who fish find dates, dating after a break-up, fake firefighter arrested for not leaving scene of fire, man chased down by horses after robbing Walgreen’s, FedEx driver on drugs crashed into a house, city smells like farts, woman rushed to hospital after she found nail in bag of pork rinds, woman rescues lamb with 5 legs, Shrinkflation, tiny single-serve Pineapples, most overrated tourist attractions, California wants to ban decaf coffee, teacher resigns after OnlyFans is discovered, abandoned airport turned into techno club in Germany, wiener dogs to be banned in Germany, online gift registry for divorces, man wakes up to find woman in his house making breakfast, and more!

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