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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things that disappeared as we got older, a guy that had a meltdown on a flight over a crying baby, Al Pacino turned down the role of Hans Solo, the most overrated movies you’ve seen, an elderly man held a grocery store worker at gunpoint cause the meat counter was closed, a guy that stole over $500k worth of crab legs, what happened when you banged a lot lizard, a guy that tried to “ruin the mood” while his ex-wife was getting it on with someone new, a woman got her finger bit off during a fight over fireworks viewing at Disney World, a bus driver accused with 30 child abuse charges after slamming bus brakes, a 9-year-old fighting for better mac and cheese at school lunch, an old guy killed by a flying cow that was hit by a train, a couple banned from Carnival cruises for fishing off their cabin balcony, and more!
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