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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about some of the highlights from the CES2023, Jordan Peele bought a Corey Feldman ear prosthetic from a movie, Celine Dion fans protesting outside Rolling Stone offices, an elderly man brings symphony of destruction to a car wash, a luxury high rise condo built next to a high rise prison, a porch pirate wearing women’s underwear as a mask got arrested, guy that got a thermometer stuck in his penis, a dude that stabbed a guy for touching his hair without permission, a guy that tried to do a backflip to get out of a DUI, world’s largest strip club hired a 15ft robot guard, a man that fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a wolf, 18-year-old pilot made an emergency landing on Route 66, s pigeon with a backpack filled with meth found in a prison, a robot lawyer arguing its first court case, and more!


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