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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an eccentric billionaire that uses his son as a ‘blood boy,’ 4 children that survived 40 days in the Amazon after a plane crash, Connor McGregor punched out a NBA mascot, a woman has the most disastrous driving test ever, a chick that drove 120 miles to fire at another driver in a road rage incident, a homeowner took a neighbor to court for smoking pot in his own home, a tourist almost crashed a helicopter during a Grand Canyon tour, what food has been ruined for you by viral videos, a guy arrested after shooting at a mouse outside his home, a dude got flesh eating disease after being bit by a family member, homeowners sent a notice that they were being shipped 550 buffalo, a guy that performs magic for shelter dogs, a family that found 1 million pennies in family member’s home, and more!


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