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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about discontinued products that people miss, the top ranked fast food chains, a guy who survived for 8 hours in the ocean, people are scalping the new Girl Scout cookie flavor online, an army dad surprises his kids at school, which baseball player pooped himself on the field, Chris Rock’s live Netflix standup special, the celebrity who was banned from Disneyland, Keanu Reeves’ dream role, TV’s wordiest shows, a wedding reception that was shut down by the venue owner with a gun, another giant restaurant sign the fell on a car, the sketchiest thing you’ve seen at a restaurant, how playing “Ding-Dong Ditch” backfired on a teen, a sound that’s driving apartment tenants mad, a topless cannabis dispensary, an autonomous car that’s so good that you could nap behind the whool, the orange in the shower trend, how an iPhone feature saves a guy’s life, a TikTok drinking trend that’s sending people to the hospital, another grocery store divider debate, how much time we spending making ourselves more attractive, work streaming, and more!

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