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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Northern Lights seen all over USA this weekend, most stressful tourist traps and most relaxing tourist spots, woman held at gunpoint by cops after cop enters wrong plate number, update on woman found living inside grocery store sign, coffee shop owner installed hidden cam in his bathroom, auto theft suspect caught because she couldn’t figure out stick shift, teen says Panera’s charged lemonade put him in the ICU, McDonald’s is lowering prices, Planet Fitness raising prices for new members, man sets record for oldest person to tandem skydive, Jason killed a spider with a shoe, NBA and NHL playoffs, NCAA Football video game, Cubs had 6 consecutive hitters get RBIs without even swinging the bat, fan followed Evander Holyfield after refusing to sign autograph, Steve Buscemi was attacked randomly on NYC street, Netflix being criticized over fully erect penis on TV show, Gavin Rossdale dating woman who looks like Gwen Stefani, Planet Of The Apes opening weekend, things in American movies non-Americans don’t understand, tipped over portable toilet with woman and daughter inside, porch pirates stealing packages right out of people’s hands, postal worker caught racing a Mustang in her postal vehicle, man steals woman’s boat, naked man breaks into house, owner of body modification club aired live castrations, woman’s jaw got stuck open after yawn, man jailed for using thousands of phones to fake viewers and traffic on his live streams, man who started the dress that broke the internet strangled his wife, guy shoots stepmom when she tried to hug him during high school graduation, woman rented car and got charged an extra $9K, couple think they found part of a UFO on their farm, AI dating apps, AI cloning voices to scam, Welch’s getting into canned cocktail business, man spits on Walmart employee after argument, man gets flesh eating bacteria walking on the beach, portal in Times Square shows 24/7 live stream between NYC and Dublin, average American needs to spend 67 minutes outside per day to feel refreshed, man assaults police officer with block of cheese, and more!

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