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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about normal things in our society that are actually cruel or damaging, a dude that ate nothing but pizza for 30 days and lost weight, Tommy Lee shared a pic of nuts online, Jonah Hill and his co-star had to CGI kiss in a new movie, a naked woman arrested for taking a bath in a library parking lot puddle, a dude busted stealing from a gas station after leaving his debit card behind, a new vibrating pill to cure constipation, a hormone injection to help those with a low sex drive get horny, partying with a BORG (what that is), songs that people didn’t realize were about sex, Ask D&CtF: a guy having issues with his poly lifestyle being accepted and a guy needs help with an odor coming from his lady’s private parts, an elderly man that needed rescue after going for a walk in the woods, a grocery store robot that tried to run away, a military official caught watching porn during government meeting, and more!
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