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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an email from a listener who once closed his dong in a trunk, smoker lady sings at coal festival, sex hotel in Ohio, man died while trying to warn others of a storm coming, guy fed up with postal workers driving on his lawn to deliver mail, another ATM theft, thieves follow dude home from ATM and mug him, woman stuck in flash flood, 19-year-old wins $1M on scratcher, kid saved classmate from drowning, Randall Cobb’s house caught fire due to Tesla charger, Kelly Stafford addresses admission of dating Matthew’s backup, Olympic runner got trapped inside porta potty, Paris Olympics, multiple people may be charged in the death of Matthew Perry, Chilean actors found dead after Tinder hookup with 2 women in Colombia, Hawk Tuah Girl being looked at by Hollywood agencies, professor found dead at the bottom of a gorge following sexual assault allegations, nurse used patient’s vagina as dummy and pretended it was talking, Vermont settles lawsuit with man who gave finger to state trooper, woman riding suitcase on sidewalk without license, couple put $5 in piggy bank every time they had sex, have you had an early dating sex mishap?, woman accused of poisoning husband’s drink for insurance money, judge punches cop outside of night club, entire Hells Angels chapter arrested, Boeing Starliner space craft is stuck in space, Gen Z thinks being 5-10 minutes late is right on time, corn and other products that are surging in front of 4th of July, Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch buffet making a comeback, people who would rather watch a movie with their dog than their partner, guy on fishing trip killed man for summoning Big Foot, man rescued after falling into a corn bin, fortune teller used her skills to rob someone, man found ancient fossil at beach, dozens of cyber trucks vandalized with exploitive against Elon Musk, EV owners having buyers remorse, if you could be given 5K of anything that started with letter “Y” what would it be?, guy found cobra in his underwear in Thailand, and more!

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