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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Uncut podcast, the 101-year-old woman who drives a Packard from the 30s, what do you miss about being a kid?, old lady fell down elevator shaft, man threatened voodoo on cop after he arrested him at traffic stop, comic book store owner gets beat up, engine blew out on Boeing plane during takeoff, woman discovered defect at gas pump, squatters take over a $1 million home, high school sweethearts reconnect after 73 years, March Madness, Detroit Lions player accused of domestic battery on the run from police, Shohei Ohtani investigation, Bill Belichick has a book coming out, condoms will be handed out at the Olympic Games again, teacher claims she lost job over rap career, singer talks about orgy with John Mayer, Neuro-Link chip brain implant guy, college course on Weird Al, how did Craigslist go wrong for you?, guy accuses movers of stealing his sex dominoes, naked woman seen being obscene in front of busy street, naked woman breaks-in to neighbors house and chases him, at-home insemination kit, cocaine discovered in hotel closet, guy in Taiwan had a coconut stuck in his butt, man dies after falling into factory machines, guy throws himself under the bus during traffic stop, 11-year-old tries to rob a bank, world happiness report, lifetime discounts, hand washing lie detector, restaurant selling soup for over $1k, man ends up in coma after trying to remove ingrown pubic hair, driving instructor app, woman caught trespassing at Walmart, self-check out lanes being removed from Walmart, man finds out dad’s watch is worth $60k, when we started swearing, clerk picks out winning lotto numbers, Prime Minister of Cambodia banning musical car horns, and more!

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