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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about our favorite and least favorite months of the year, things to look forward to in March, how trying to beat a urine test backfired on a listener’s friend after he stole pee from a stranger, a dog that lead first responders to a baby in a house fire, what you do to avoid your kids for a little while, the biggest dong in the NFL, a high school cheerleader competed alone after the rest of her team quit, Madonna’s young new boyfriend, celebrities who have had encounters with ghosts, Stranger Things the play, a scientist who saved a rare bug from being killed at Walmart, another ancient Roman dildo was found, a woman who is addicted to eating toilet paper, the worst things to eat on a plane, a cop who saves a cyclist with CPR after seeing him collapse, TikTok’s plan to limit viewing time for users under 18, a surgery robot that enters your body through the b-hole, a time zone for the Moon, and more!

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