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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about getting hit on by an older person on a dating app, WWE working to allow gambling on high profile matches, Tom Cruise will NOT be able to be the first person to film a movie in space, a threesome that ended with 2 of the 3 getting arrested, a math coach in trouble for putting several students in chokeholds, someone hiked up a 3000ft mountain to draw a penis in the snow, a guy ordered by court to pay his ex-wife $215K for domestic labor, a woman that makes $2K a day as a topless maid, a judge made a groundbreaking rule on giving the middle finger, a woman that stabbed her boyfriend 19 times while she was dreaming, a neighbor that keeps vomiting off his balcony, the best-selling video games of all time, where it started raining worms, and more! CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK
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