Thursday, May 4th 2023 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

03:14:57 Download May 4th, 2023

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about brands that remind us of our childhood, a guy busted after leaving his bag of cocaine behind at store self-check out, Gwyneth Paltrow reveals who was better in bed Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt, 10-year-olds found working at a McDonald’s, tourists that followed their GPS right into a harbor, a carnie fell while assembling a Ferris Wheel, what do you regret doing for a friend?, a woman failed at robbing a grocery store so she just started shopping, a store clerk that was pepper sprayed while trying to stop a shoplifter, cops warn about students playing the water gun game “Assassin,” over 3100lbs of weed found hidden in tires at the border, Florida getting radioactive roads soon, new electric cars that you assemble yourself, a guy in trouble for air dropping nudes of himself, and more!


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