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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener who made a song for the show using AI, Craigslist ad for in-person ASMR, update on guy who was hit in head by roller coaster while searching for keys, roller coaster mishap stories, argument between neighbors ends with one of them dead, woman lost $12K in a slight of hand scam at an ATM, wounded man found on path, Stanley Cup won by Florida Panthers, pillow fight championship, Jacob Elordi’s deep fake jerk off video goes viral, Ben Affleck yells at paparazzi, Scarlet Johansson has been begging to be in new Jurassic Park movie, woman in her 80s slipped and fell to death in quarry where Star Wars was filmed, Snoop hugged a 91-year-old fan at concert, Walk Of Fame, actor dies from shark attack while surfing, Guy Fieri’s son had pickleball themed engagement party, Jason’s stretching appointment, man on tricycle with a machete, bottomless woman beat driver while pulled over on side of the road, homeowner finds 20 foot hole under his house, 71-year-old becomes oldest to compete for Miss Texas USA, woman writing messages with her toes sells them online, man flew to Florida to attack gamer he got into an argument with, Shifty Shellshock from Crazy Town dies, update on guy who spent 70 days in Turks & Caicos after ammo arrest, woman’s leg impaled by umbrella, guy stole a ton of Pokémon cards from Target self-checkout, Hooters in trouble, mayo on hotdogs, old man scammed out of $154K by someone claiming to be an Amazon rep, illegal Botox injections in parking lot, police using package decoys to catch porch pirates, swimsuit colors to avoid, electronic shelf pricing at Walmart, raw dogging a flight, summer food is the best food, world’s ugliest dog, man arrested for trying to have sex with train seat, and more!

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